Care and experts for your pet

Your four legged companion only needs the word…to say thank you!

Not only Hotels, beaches and tourist activities. Riccione Pet destines for your four legged companion all the facilities it needs, even in case of emergency. Just for it, a tailor-made holiday, full of thoughtfulness that makes you feel peaceful from any point of view. It is really hot and do you like to give your pet a new fur cut for the Summer? By Riccione Pet, you will find out which pet grooming service is most suitable and can offer care and cuddles to your pet. With a short and clean fur, your pet holiday becomes even more funny!

Does your pet feel not good as usual? Don’t worry, Riccione Pet offers professional vets throughout the territory that are available 24 hours a day and ready to give your pet immediate and efficient treatments. All what you always wished for your four legged companion, it is easily possible to get in Riccione: even a careful service of dog sitters and dog trainers for behavioural training courses.

Veterinary Clinics in Riccione

  • Riccione Associated Vets
  • Dr. Luca Del Bianco
  • Dr. Giancarlo Re
  • Veterinary Centre Dr.Roberto Marca

Pet Grooming Services

  • Woobinda
  • Happy Dog
  • Pianeta 4 zampe
  • New Adriatic Sea

Dog Gardens in Riccione

  • Parco Della Resistenza
  • Parco Via La Spezia
  • Parco Le Conchiglie
  • Parco Via Massaua
  • Parco Via Riace
  • Parco Via Dei Tigli
  • Parco Via Brescia