The Riccione Pet’s Decalogue

  1. All the hotels joining Riccione Pet website must really be pet lovers, namely pet-friendly
  2. At the entrance of the hotel and all the business activities must be visible stickers showing the Riccione Pet logo and always a fresh water bowl
  3. Either the “Riccione Pet Friendly “ logo or slogan will be put on the hotel website to demonstrate the joining to the Club
  4. Dogs up to 10 kg. will be allowed to stay according to the availability of pets’rooms
  5. The Hotel staff will also welcome all the four legged guests
  6. At the front desk will be available any information about the various activities that can be done in Riccione with pets: park maps, free running areas, appointed pet-friendly beach zones
  7. Every useful information for those travelling with pets will be available to the guests: vets 24 hours a day, veterinary E.R., dog grooming service, pet shops, dog sitters, pet trainers
  8. Pets are allowed to stay in the outside or common areas (except the dining and breakfast hall)
  9. In every room guests will find at least one item of the welcoming pet-kit (bowls, dog basket/cushion, games and snacks)
  10. Whenever it is possible, letting rooms at the ground floor or with balcony to all the guests coming with pets

  1. Collars and leashes on request
  2. Stay without paying any extra price
  3. Welcoming pet-fit with at least 2 items (bowls, dog-basket/cushion, dog-biscuits)
  4. Reception for dogs up to 25 Kg.

  1. External area in the garden dedicated to pets
  2. Collars and leashes on request
  3. Sanitary bags available
  4. Access to the restaurants and breakfast hall
  5. Stay without paying any extra fees
  6. Pet-dedicated rooms
  7. Welcoming pet-kit with at least 3 items (bowls, dog-basket/cushion, dog-toy, dog-biscuits)
  8. Possibility to get a dog-menu
  9. Reception for dogs of different sizes